Strategic Consulting Firm Picone Advisory Group Launches New Website

(Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois)—Picone Advisory Group, LLC has launched a new website that positions the firm as a strategic advisor for companies engaged in today’s complicated corporate climate.

“Everything from the volatile political arena and fluctuating capital markets to the growing competition and pressures of the global economy impacts business,” said Christopher L. Picone, president of Picone Advisory Group. “Smart owners and managers stay in touch with these changes and are aware of the full impact they have on the health of their company.”

Picone Advisory Group offers a seasoned outside perspective to its clients, which comes from decades of looking inside companies large and small and helping leadership deal with issues they are unaccustomed to handling. The firm provides advice and solutions to improve the bottom line, plan for the next business cycle, gain operational efficiency, mediate the legal landscape, and manage through a crisis.

The new Picone Advisory Group website makes it easier for potential clients seeking assistance to connect with the firm. The site is responsive so that it is user friendly via any device. Content addresses issues that businesses are facing now and is optimized for key words to be found quickly during relevant searches. The website also aligns with Picone Advisory Group’s current scope of services.

“During the recession, we earned a reputation as restructuring experts,” said Picone. “However, we offer a much more extensive range of business analysis and strategic advisory services. The new website presents that message to the right audiences.”

Today, Picone Advisory Group specializes in strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, operational enhancement, business turnarounds and restructurings, asset disposition, litigation support, neutral claim administration, real estate, and crisis management. The team works one-on-one with each client to devise a strategy and implement a plan that is appropriate for its needs.

“Smart executives think ahead, anticipate possible roadblocks, and find ways to proactively strengthen their position,” said Picone. “With our guidance, leadership can take control of the internal factors that affect their company before devastating financial business issues arise.“

Based in Chicago, Picone Advisory Group provides consulting services to an international client base in a wide variety of industry settings including: financial services, professional services, manufacturing, aerospace, building and construction, food and food service, homeland security and first response, healthcare, energy, real estate, wholesale and retail services, technology, telecommunications, and transportation.