Improve Your Company’s Performance With Employees Who Embody Your Corporate Culture

We often work with companies seeking to improve their operations. As we dig into details, we often find employees with consistently poor or mediocre performance ratings and/or negative attitudes. Sometimes these are longer term employees who at one time were contributing at a high level, but for a number of reasons drifted into mediocre or poor performance and have developed negative attitudes that are all too common in mediocre and/or poor performers.

While no one likes to fire employees (especially ones that have been with the company for a number of years), the cost to the company of not doing so is significant. First, the lost productivity forces other workers to have to work harder to make up for the poor performers. Second, the toll on morale is often underestimated. Many times we hear of cases where once good employees were corrupted by the poor performers and their negative attitudes. Why should I work hard when Jim doesn’t and he makes the same money as I do, is a common theme heard in companies that tolerate poor performers.

In addition, negativity breeds negativity and all these toxic attitudes can be an impediment to a positive culture of teamwork and achievement. It is important that companies remain vigilant about replacing poor, constant complainers and negative personalities with positive achievers. Your employees will appreciate it, your company’s performance will improve, and your corporate culture will change for the better.